Creating a Backyard

We have said from the beginning that we like a challenge. This particular piece of land presents challenges because of this steep drop, but it is a challenge that can be overcome with some engineering. It would have been easier to say this home would not have a backyard, but that wasn’t going to work for me. backyard

We are building a 6 bedroom house on this lot, so I believe it is reasonable to conclude a family with 1 or more children will be the proud owners. Many of the kids I meet enjoy playing outside and many of the parents I represent look for a home with a yard. So not only did I want to figure out how to build a nice home, but I wanted it to have a nice backyard where memories could be made.

The lot was virtually un-walkable so it would need more than just bulldozing some dirt around. The solution we came up with along with our builder and engineers was to build a retaining wall. This 5 foot tall and nearly 90 foot long retaining wall created the backyard we wanted. Was it expensive? Heck yes. What is worth it? I sure hope so. It is shaping up to be a yard for soccer playing, swing set swinging, dogs fetching, parents relaxing, and s’more roasting.

retaing wall zoom  retaining wall

Right now it just looks like some flattened out dirt, but a week ago nothing about this lot was flat.  The wall looks amazing and I could be more impressed with the precision of each brick placement.  And remember in our last post about site prep when we talked about black tubing should be running under your yard to move water away from your home?  You can see our engineer clearly has a plan for proper drainage.