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10 Steps to Buying a Home E-Guide

Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments you will make during your lifetime, and one that will likely impact you financially for many years to come. It is import-ant to educate yourself on the home buying process which will help you to make the best investment possible. For first time buyers, or even the most seasoned buyers, the process of purchasing a home can be both confusing and daunting, but with the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate professional, it is certainly manageable. Here are some steps that can help make the buying process simpler and less stressful. For the sake of explanation, we have illustrated the process based on an eight-week timeline.

Buying a Home 10-part Video Series


Consult with a Realtor

Connect with Lenders

Research Area Homes

Begin Touring Homes

Submit an Official Offer

Inspect Your New Home

Review Documentation

Obtain an Appraisal

Confirm the Mortgage

Close on the Home

Avenue Realty Home Buying Tips