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Building a Home

Welcome to Charlottesville, Virginia

So, you are thinking of building a home. But where do you start? It is certainly an overwhelming process, but one that can be managed by simply understanding what to expect. By educating yourself upfront, you will know what questions to ask and will be more satisfied with your completed home. You want to minimize how many times you think “I wish I knew that” or “If I had known, I would have…”

My goal is to help educate people who are new to home building so they can begin the process with confidence. It is a process I believe should be enjoyable, so I will do my best to make this blog informative and entertaining. And whenever it will be helpful and is possible, a video or photograph post will be included.

We are going to start with selecting our lot to build, then walking you through the process of deciding a builder, followed by explaining the selections you will be expected to make for your home, and will be giving you tips throughout to help you get the most out of your investment.

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