Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog emerged from his hole is morning around 7:25am. Although the sky was cloudy it is reported he did see his shadow which means we have six more weeks of winter. With the temperatures being so cold this month most were hoping for an early spring. Before you get too discouraged, our little groundhog friend saw his shadow last year and we went on to have the second warmest February on record. Also, since 1887 the Groundhog Day prediction is six more weeks of winter approximately 85% of the time. It seems Phil favors six more weeks of winter in most of his prediction.

Before you start thinking that little Punxsutawney Phil has gotten it wrong this year yet again, it is important to note that meteorologists from AccuWeather and National Weather Channel agree with this year’s prediction. Professional forecasters disagree on how accurate Phil has been over the years, some stating his is correct 80% of the time while others say he scores in the 30% range.

Either way, two thing we know for sure. We may or may not have a cold February and on March 20th it will be spring regardless of the temperature.