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Real Estate in Barracks, Virginia

The Barracks area is well known for the Barracks Road Shopping Center, but is also home to many established neighborhoods and a sprinkling of new subdivisions and condos. While still in the county, it is next to the University of Virginia’s main grounds making it an ideal location for professors and graduate students. Barracks is a more established area of Albemarle County, but many buildings have undergone recent renovations, which makes it feel new and current with a blanket of old charm.

  • Barracks West
  • Bennington Woods
  • Canterbury Hills
  • Colhurst Farm
  • Huntwood
  • Montvue
  • Popular Glen
  • University Village
  • University of Virginia

Barracks Road Shopping Center dates back to the 1950’s and was one of the first in the country of such a notable size. Over the years it has grown to now include another section just north of the original Barracks Shopping Center and complex, and today, a recent renovation leaves newcomers wondering if it was just built. Barracks Road is a favorite places in Charlottesville to shop. It is a great place to come during the week with the kids. The sidewalks are wide allowing them just a little more freedom. The variety of stores makes it easy to get errands done. You can literally buy a unique gift at a boutique store, mail a package at the Barracks Road post office, grab a bite to eat at one of many restaurants, stop in for story time at Barnes and Noble, drop off the dry cleaning, and pick one of two grocery stores to buy dinner.  It is a great place to window shop, find unique gifts, and grab a cup of coffee. A full store listing can be found at the Barracks Road Shopping Center website.

There are lots of dining options at Barracks Road. Aromas Café for lunch is a popular choice. Panera Bread or Slice Pizza are good kid-friendly options. Starbucks, Greenberry’s, and Hot Cakes are all good options for coffee, tea, or pastries. If you are feeling “healthy”, there is a Sweet Frog, and if you are feeling like you deserve a real treat, Ben and Jerry’s is waiting for you!

With Barracks Road being so close to the University of Virginia, many residents of this area participate in the university’s activities, such as the Halloween Trick-or-Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, or the many sports events. It is also close to John Paul Jones Arena, which offers many university and public events.

The links below provide fact sheets on the public schools located in the Barracks neighborhoods.


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